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Casino tournaments

Do you want to join a casino tournament and play your favourite games for extra bonus using latest promotions on the web? You can play at tournaments for slots, roulette, blackjack and other popular game.

The casino tournaments are available for both online and mobile casino gambling. In general they are on weekly or monthly basis and you can join them very easy. There are real money tournaments and freerolls (available for slots only).

super slots

Super Slots Tournaments

Play slots in specific day of the week to win up to €500. You can start with €200 sign up bonus and join the unique jackpot promotion with big giveaway via raffle tickets.

The casino over 60 super slots, Marvel games and special features like no other casino.


Weekend live games
Wednesday & Monday slots Challenge
Big One - Jackpot share of € 5,000,000 +

How the casino tournaments work

Actually it's a challenge between regular players who love some type of games or they play them very well. The idea is to do something and this one who did it on the best possible way to get the prize.

The good news is that there are prizes for many players, not only the top 3 winners. There is no requirement to pay for entrance at all. Compared to the poker tournaments these ones are much better because you are free to play and leave whenever you want.

The classic way is to collect points when you play. The more you play the bigger chance you have to win more. Sometimes one chip is equal to one point but it depends on the included games. The player who has the biggest number of points take the 1st place and the biggest prize.

Remember! All prizes are additional on top of your winnings during the game.

When the new tournaments are launched

  • Usually it's with every new game,
  • Every hot season or holiday
  • During the weekends
  • Organized for VIP customers only by invitation

How to choose the best casino tournament

Everyone wants the best for his gaming experience and its normal. The
tournaments are very different and this makes the choice quite interesting.

The most important things that you can think about are:

  • The tournament games - play only if you like them games and you k now their rules
  • Big first place prize - the size matters when it's about money
  • Big prize pool - it's easier to get a super extra bonus when you share bigger prize pool
  • See what are the days for play and are you able to be all the time in the game
  • What are the terms and conditions
  • How you can play - online, mobile, social. It's good to be prepared.
  • Is there a requirement for minimum deposit
  • Can you combine the offer with welcome bonus or other rewards

You can easily find a good tournament right now because the casino market is full of offers. If a casino site accepts players from your country of residence and you are happy with all features, just wish go ahead and enjoy.

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